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Hey there, I'm Cyndi!

I began my journey to becoming a certified doula after spending more than a decade studying birth and postpartum, helping close friends as they welcomed their babies, and having my own four children. As a holistic-minded mama and doula, I've built a solid foundation of guidance and support that helps families reach their unique goals in a natural and heart-centered approach.





When I think back on my life, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with all things pregnancy, birth, and baby. It’s always been a deep interest and passion for me, even as a small girl. Yet, initially, it never occurred to me to pursue a career in birthwork. 

But, like birth, some things in life seem to find their own way, regardless of our plans.

A few months before graduating college to become a CPA, I unexpectedly came face to face with birth for the first time when a close friend had a surprise precipitous (fast) labor while we were hanging out together. It was the first time I had ever been with someone, other than myself, while they were giving birth, and the clarity that was gifted to me that evening still shines vividly in my heart! 


I knew right away that I had found my calling, or more so, that my calling had found me.


Now, as a full-time doula for the last 9 years, I feel blessed and honored to be able to serve families all over East Tennessee. Staying true to my nature and leaning into my calling, I invite you to listen to your intuition as well. In the deepest parts of you, what kind of birth experience do you crave? What dreams do you have for your postpartum vision? I would love to help guide and support you in making those a reality.


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My Core Philosophies

It's simple. My mission is to provide holistic guidance and support for families throughout their reproductive years.



I trust pregnancy, birth, and postpartum as both a natural bodily function and a deeply transformative stage of life. I believe there is power in giving birth how you want and that everyone is born with an innate wisdom to give birth already within them. I honor and embrace the unique differences of each birth and each family's journey through the ebb and flow of welcoming a new baby into their life. 

Above all, I believe that the memories surrounding our birth experience and early postpartum months have a lasting impact on our family's overall well-being. I am dedicated to helping ensure these memories are marked by empowerment, positivity, and connection.

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