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Meet the Guided Heart Doula

About our Certifed Doula: Cyndi

I began my journey of caring for families during their transition into parenthood after spending more than a decade studying childbirth, assisting friends and family as they welcomed their babies, and having my own four children. I truly respect and honor the process of natural childbirth, and I’m passionate about helping families expand into their full potential through their unique childbirth journey.

As a full-time doula for 8 years now, serving birthing families in East Tennessee as a certified doula, I’ve established a solid foundation of guidance and focus that helps shift families from where they are to where they want to be in an empowering and heart-centered approach.

Our Core Philosophy

At the Guided Heart Doula, we strive to make wholistic wellness a priority for families during their reproductive years. We honor that pregnancy, birth, and postpartum go beyond the idea of being merely physical events that no longer have an impact on people once their baby has arrived. We recognize and nurture this stage of life as a powerful mental and spiritual experience, in addition to a natural bodily function, that can be deeply transformative in one's life. 


It's our mission to meet families where they are on their unique journey and help guide them, from the heart, through the ebb and flow of welcoming a new baby into their lives. The memories of a baby’s birth and the first months postpartum last a lifetime and are influential in the overall satisfaction a family feels in the years to come. At the Guided Heart Doula, we treat your sacred and transformative voyage with consideration, kindness, and compassion. 

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