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We strive to make mind, body, and spirit wellness a priority for families during their reproductive years. 

We honor that birth and postpartum are a spiritual experience and a deeply transformative time in one's life.

It's our mission to meet families where they are on their own unique journey and help guide them from the heart through the ebb and flow of welcoming a new baby into their lives.

Our focus is centered on three core beliefs for thriving:

  • Providing high-quality knowledge and understanding as the solid foundation for your empowerment journey.

  • Ensuring your family has the right support every step along the way helps you ignite your empowerment into a tangible reality.

  • Creating personalized tools that keep the flames of wellness burning strong for your family for years to come.

Knowledge. Support. Tools.

Birth Doula FAQ's

What is a doula?

In its simplest terms, a doula is a professional support person trained in the needs of a family during pregnancy, childbirth, and the first few months postpartum. Doulas offer hands-on support, guidance, and education during the unique stages of welcoming a new baby.

A doula recognizes the profound impact of childbirth on the mother and understands that families who have satisfying births experience a positive shift in their overall wellbeing. Authentic support and knowledgeable guidance, from the heart, is one of the most basic and influential needs of laboring and newly postpartum women.

What does birth doula care look like?

Because everyone has a completely different set of challenges and preferences, doula support is unique to each family. We work together as a team to elevate your experience and align our years of expertise with your visions for the best possible outcome. 

The relationship between a doula and an expecting family is a unique one. From our time spent together exploring birth options during pregnancy to watching your face light up when you hear your baby's first cry, it offers both connection and learning for optimal growth. Here's what's included in our Birth Awakened package:

- 2 Prenatal Visits In Your Home, Each About 2 Hours Long

- Unlimited Contact by Phone & Email Throughout Your Pregnancy

- Access to Our Vast Lending Library of Natural Birth & Postpartum Books/DVD's

- Continuous Labor Support With Hands-On Comfort Measures, Emotional Support & Guidance

- Use of Our Labor TENS Unit

- 2 Hours of Immediate Postpartum Assistance

- 1 Postpartum Follow-Up Visit In Your Home, About 1 Hour Long

- Healing Postpartum Herbal Kit

- 6 Weeks of Postpartum Phone Support

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