Postpartum Doula Care

The postpartum period is a special time, a time when all women deserve extra care. The mind and body are engaging in important work and will need plenty of rest and support in the first few weeks after giving birth.


Birth is sincerely one of the most profound physical and emotional experiences a human body can experience! We should be careful to understand it and give it time to recede naturally and healthily.

We offer a variety of traditional postpartum services that will enhance and add to the natural healing of your postpartum journey.

Mother Holding Baby

Postpartum Doula Services


  • Newborn Care

  • Rest for New Parents

  • Professional Knowledge and Guidance

  • Light Housework & Meal Prep

  • Sibling Care

  • Breastfeeding Assistance

Benefits of Postpartum Support


In cultures around the world, it is a tradition for a new mother to be cared for during the first 40-days postpartum. We often forget in the hustle and bustle of today's world just how transformative it is to have compassionate and dedicated support during such a delicate time. Just a few benefits include:


Uninterrupted Sleep

Enjoy a deep & restful stretch of sleep! Sleep deprivation is one of the main contributors to new moms & dads feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unhappy in the months following the birth of a new baby (or babies!). Postpartum doula care allows families to prioritize rest, whether it be during the day or the night.

Emotional Support

Sometimes, reassurance that everything is normal with your baby can make all the difference. There when you need it most, even If you simply need to express some challenges, such as lacking confidence or feeling blue; or if you need more hands-on professional guidance for things such as calming your baby when they're overtired or fussy. Have the emotional support for whatever may arise during your postpartum time.


Light Housekeeping

Often overlooked is the reality that newborns love being held and breastfeeding takes up many hours of the day in the early weeks of life. Have an extra set of hands there to load the dishwasher, sweep the kitchen, and finally fold that load of laundry that's been sitting in the laundry room, all while you rest and relax without the guilt of what's not being done around the house.

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