Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation is one of the traditional postpartum healing services offered at The Guided Heart Doula. Placenta consumption has been practiced in numerous cultures around the world for hundreds of years. The most commonly used technique of placenta encapsulation is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method. In TCM, the placenta is considered a sacred and powerful medicine that is “full of life force” and it can be consumed to support healing during a mother’s postpartum time.


Placenta Encapsulation Services


  • 6-Weeks of Placenta Capsules

  • 4 Placenta Prints

  • Cord Keepsake

  • Pick Up and Drop Off Included​

  • Additional: One 4-ounce Tincture $27/ea

Benefits of Encapsulation


The benefits of placenta encapsulation are abounding. Some of these benefits can include:


  • Warding Off Postpartum Depression

  • Assisting with Milk Production

  • Replenishing Iron Lost During Birth

  • Helping Uterus to Shrink

  • Balancing Hormones

  • Increasing Postpartum Energy Levels 

  • Speeding Up Overall Recovery Time

Encapsulation Methods

You have the option to choose which method you prefer your placenta be encapsulated with. There are two main methods:


  • The Traditional Chinese Method (TCM) of steaming with a variety of citrus, warming herbs and hot peppers prior to being dried and encapsulated.


  • The Raw Method is where the placenta is immediately dried in a dehydrator and then encapsulated.

More Info

A $50 deposit is required for encapsulation services. This deposit goes towards your total package price. The remainder is due upon drop-off of your capsules.

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